Assessment Information
Performance Assessment
  • Performance Assessment Resource Bank
    The Performance Assessment Resource Bank is an online collection of high-quality performance tasks and resources that support the use of performance assessment for meaningful learning. Resources include performance tasks, professional development tools, and examples of how schools, districts, and states have integrated performance assessment into their systems of assessment. These resources have been collected from educators and organizations across the United States and reviewed by experts in the field.

    The Innovation Lab Network (ILN), part of CCSSO, is a group of 12 states taking action to identify, test, and implement student-centered approaches to learning that will transform our public education system. 

  • Massachusetts' Model Curriculum Units
    Sign up to access Massachusetts' Model Curriculum Units in the four core courses plus the arts and receive an email link to view the units (link expires in 30 days). The units contain curriculum embedded performance assessments.
  • Saluda's Examples of Performance Assessments
    Kindergarten Performance Assessments 

    K5 Math QPA

    Fourth Grade CCSS Exemplary Unit

    Fifth Grade CCSS Exemplary Unit

    7th Grade Science

    8th grade ELA / English I Performance Assessments 

    Spanish I

    The Crucible Eng III


  • Performance Assessments & Portfolios in Civics & Economics
    This is the link to a teacher's guide re: performance assessments from Hanover County Schools in North Carolina. Although it is created to assist a civics and economics course, I urge all teachers to check it out because it provides awesome background information re: performance assessments as well as models for creating them in all subject areas.µ
  • Art Assessment - 21CArt
    Wikispaces dedicated to 21st Century art skills with loads of information on assessing the arts.
  • Assessment in Art Education
    How are the top schools assessing visual arts? This booklet provides examples of what the top schools in the nation are doing to assess art broken down into 3 sections: large scale assessments, district assessment plans, and portfolios. This booklet contains awesome examples of performance assessments.*
  • Balanced Assessment in Mathematics K-12
    contains a library of over 300 assessment items
  • Exemplars: Standards-Based Assessment

    The items on this webpage cost money but there are free examples to download for math (K-12), writing (K-8), and science (K-8) available.

  • Formative Performance Assessments from the CORE
    Ten California school districts that together are known as the California Office to Reform Education (CORE) have created formative performance assessments to gauge how well students are learning the new standards throughout the school year. Educators in the CORE districts developed a total of 64 assessment modules for English language arts (gr 1, 4, 7, 9) and mathematics (gr 3, 5, 7). µ
  • Inside Mathematics grades K-12
    Select the content standards by grade level or by mathematical progression on the left, then peruse the problems available for each indicator. 
    The Primary Version Level A is designed to be accessible to all students and especially the key challenge for grades K – 1.  Level A will be challenging for most second and third graders. Level B may be the limit of where fourth and fifth grade students have success and understanding.  Level C may stretch sixth and seventh grade students.  Level D may challenge most eighth and ninth grade students, and Level E should be challenging for most high school students µ
  • Making the Reading Process Visible through Performance Assessment
    In this strategy guide, you’ll learn how to construct an authentic performance-based reading assessment for grades 6-12 that will give you access to students’ thinking before, during, and after reading.
  • Math: Reasoning & Making Sense Task Library
    In order for high school students to be engaged in reasoning and sense making in the classroom, the task is critical. Each item in this task library contains much more than a student work sheet. Tasks are linked directly with NCTM’s Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making, NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, and the Common Core State Standards.*
  • New York Performance Standards Consortium
    information regarding the seven components schools need to implement the performance based assessment system
  • Quality Performance Assessment
    Since the fall of 2008, the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) has partnered with the Nellie Mae Education Foundation to explore the power of performance assessments to transform student learning and teacher practice. In the process, CCE established the Quality Performance Assessment Initiative (QPA), a collaborative effort to design a performance assessment model that measures students’ critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills—the activities required by the Common Core State Standards, and that are required for college and career readiness. Be sure to access the tab for resources & tools.µ
  • Reading & Writing Project: Common-Core-Aligned Performance Assessments Grades K-8

    The performance assessments you will find here were designed to align to particular CCSS in reading and writing, and to anchor specific units of study in data collection and close observation of student work. They recommend viewing these as both pre- and post-assessments: you may conduct the assessment in whole or in part before teaching the relevant units, as a measure of what students are capable of prior to your instruction; you will then use the data from this assessment to tailor your units to students’ specific strengths and needs, and then conduct the same assessment again at the end of the unit, to determine the growth of the students and provide an opportunity to reflect on your instruction.µ

  • Science PALS
    PALS (Performance Assessment Links in Science) is an on-line, standards-based, continually updated resource bank of science performance assessment tasks indexed via the National Science Education Standards. *
  • Smarter Balanced Assessment Examples
    At the top of the page select View More English Language Arts/Literacy Sample Items and look to the right for Performance Tasks (for math select the Mathematics tab at the top).µ
  • Video-What is authentic assessment?
    Educators at New York's School of the Future have enjoyed great success at teaching and assessing their students. Both efforts are squarely focused on student understanding of fundamental concepts and real-life learning. Making these efforts relevant and authentic has been the cornerstone of their success.
  • Tool 1 - Assessment Validation Checklist
    by Center for Collaborative Education
    Tool 1, from the text Quality Performance Assessment: A Guide for Schools and Districts, will be used to validate assessments and provide feedback to teachers.µ
  • Tool 2 - Assessment Validation Cover Sheet
    by Center for Collaborative Education

    Tool 2, from the text Quality Performance Assessment: A Guide for Schools and Districts, will be submitted by teachers when they turn in their assessments.µ