ELL & World Languages Resources
  • Best Practices for ELLs
    Best Practices for English Language Learners was developed by teachers and educational administrators as a resource for teachers, principals, and district leadership to: provide a framework for sheltered instruction for all teachers, Increase use and improve the quality application of research-based strategies in content and English Language Development (ELD) classrooms, support districts in the implementation of proven research based practices to increase language proficiency and academic content knowledge for culturally and linguistically diverse students, demystify terminology and initiative confusion in the field by using a framework for understanding school improvement.*
  • Every Language Learner-Teaching Tips
    EveryLanguageLearner.com is an online resource for educators with classroom materials exclusively for teachers of children and adults learning language! EveryLanguageLearner.com quickly provides teachers with English Language Learner (ELL), Spanish language learner, Chinese language learner and additional languages with research-based classroom materials and teaching tips.  Here, you'll find ESL lesson plans and ESL activities, Spanish language games, Chinese Language materials, and additional language teaching tools for your classroom.