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New South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards

South Carolina Department of Education's Crosswalk Documents for ELA and Math

Access our Google folder to see all of the Crosswalks for 2007, Common Core State Standards, and South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards.More

ELA: Support Documents & Resources

Science: Support Documents & Resources

Early Learning Standards

The Good Start, Grow Smart Task Force created early learning standards for ages 3-5 in 2009. Categories included in the standards are: approaches to learning, social and emotional development, English language arts and literacy, mathematics, and physical education and health.

Early learning standards specify developmental expectations for preschool children. They are supported by practice and scientific research. They include performance based standards and examples called “snapshots”. Snapshots were written to give teachers practical ways to see what is meant in the standard. (Children who meet the developmental expectations outlined in the Early Learning Standards should be prepared to master South Carolina’s Academic Standards).More

Constitution Day September 17, 2017 - Preambles from Around the World

Preambles from Around the World More

Constitution Day September 17, 2017 - Web Lesson Links

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