Staff Handbook

Click this link to open a copy of the Staff Handbook in a new window. If it does not open automatically, look for an icon called "Staff Handbook" on the bottom left of your screen and double click to open. Additional resources mentioned in this handbook can be accessed by clicking the links below.

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Additional Resources
  • Complaints and Grievances
    District Policy sets forth procedures for addressing and finding resolution to concerns in the workplace. View the policy for an overview of the grievance process, and the accompanying administrative rule for detailed procedures. The grievance form should be used to submit concerns to the appropriate supervisor.
  • First Report of Injury Form
    Staff injuries should be reported immediately to the school office, regardless of whether treatment will be sought. School office staff will complete a First Report of Injury Form and submit it to the District's Human Resource Office immediately after the injury has been reported. If an employee is hurt on the job and plans to seek medical attention, he or she should report to the District Office (unless the injury requires emergency treatment) to pick up Worker's Compensation information.
  • Teacher Licensure (Certification)
    Click here to access guidelines for all aspects of teacher licensure (certification), including initial certification, moving from an initial certificate to a professional certificate, certification areas and processes for adding areas, and state required credentials for various positions. Links to appropriate forms and additional resources also included.
  • Staff Evaluations for Certified Staff
    Detailed information regarding both formal and informal evaluation processes for licensed (certified) employees is available here. Formal evaluations include SAFE-T (classroom teachers) and ADEPT (media specialists, guidance counselors and speech teachers). Informal evaluations include both "Research and Development" and "Competence Building" Goals Based Evaluation (GBE).
  • Highly Qualified Requirements for Educators
    Highly Qualified requirements were established by NCLB (No Child Left Behind) legislation, and are now covered by ESEA (the Elementary and Secondary Education Act). Also known as Title II requirements, teachers of core subject areas are required to demonstrate competency in their areas of certification.
  • Leave Policies
    Click here to view complete information regarding the district's leave policy, including sick leave, vacation, professional leave, and personal days.  Certain extended absences may be covered by FMLA; see below for additional information.  Links to Aesop (the absence reporting system / automated substitute selection process) follow.  
  • FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)
    Click here to access official FMLA guidelines, procedures and forms are provided; information guidelines as well as an FMLA request form.
    The district's absence reporting system and automated substitute calling system may be accessed via computer by clicking the link above. Employees may also access the system by phone at 1-800-942-3767. Employees can view absences balances, review past absences, and request / report future absences. They can also give feedback on subs who have filled in for them, and attach lesson plans or other information for their sub. Substitutes use this same system to select assignments and set preferences for work dates and locations.
  • Harassment & Discrimination Board Policy
    The full Board policy on Harassment and Discrimination, as well as the official form to report any possible violations of this policy, can be accessed by clicking here.
  • Work Schedules
    Click the link above for an easy-view calendar of work dates for employees based on the number of workdays employed. Please be aware that the direct supervisor may make changes to this schedule with notice to the employee and approval of the Superintendent.
  • Salary Scales
    All employees are paid according to approved salary schedules, adjusted to reflect the number of days of employment and any applicable experience or education. Questions about salary should be addressed to the Human Resources Office.