On The Job Injuries & Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation is accident insurance coverage for all employees.  The employer (Saluda County Schools) pays all premiums on this insurance.  Wage and medical benefits are provided without regard to fault.  Generally, Worker's Comp covers employees while performing work activities at the work-site.    If someone is hurt and requires emergency assistance, call 911.  If the accident / injury is not an emergency, the employee should see the school nurse or other designated personnel.  Regardless of whether treatment will be sought or not, the incident must be written up on the school's Incident Report Form, outlining the date, time, incident, witnesses and treatment.  If medical treatment is necessary, the employee should see a Worker's Comp provider.  A "Notice to Provider" form should be obtained from the District Office before the employee goes to the doctor if possible.  If treatment cannot wait, school staff should contact the Office of Human Resources immediately to send appropriate paperwork to the medical provider.    


Even minor injuries that do not require medical treatment must be reported to the school nurse or other appropriate office personnel right away. As a reminder, health insurance may not cover claims that appear to be work related.  Proper documentation is important. Incidents which are NOT covered by Worker's Comp include:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • bug bites
  • volunteers
  • heart attack


Absences related to a worker's comp injury are covered only by the employee's available leave for the first 7 days.  If an employee is absent because of a worker's comp related injury for 7 or more days, he or she may have the option of choosing partial compensation from the Worker's Comp carrier in lieu of using his or her own sick leave, OR he or she may continue to use his / her own sick leave and receive no compensation from the Worker's Comp carrier.  


If the treatment provider issues a prescription, the employee should come by the District Office and pick up a prescription card prior to having the prescription filled.  Prescriptions require authorization from the Worker's Comp carrier;. specific instructions are provided on the prescription card.    As with other absences, an absence of three or more days requires a doctor's excuse.  If an employee is determined unable to return to duty by the treatment provider, he or she will be required to show a release to return to duty before reporting to work again.  


Questions and concerns about Worker's Compensation should be directed to the Office of Human Resources.