Hearing Office
  • What Is The Hearing Office?
    The Hearing Office ensures that students grades K-12 are given due process of law before receiving an expulsion sanction for violating a major school/district policy.
  • Functions of the Hearing Office
    • Presides over expulsion hearings for students grades K-12.
    • Conducts student suspension appeals, credit appeals and appeals of administrative transfers.
    • Serves as a consultant to school administrators regarding disciplinary issues.
    • Compiles relevant data and prepares reports for review of the Superintendent and Board of School Commissioners.
    • Interacts and communicates with various groups and individuals within Saluda County Schools and throughout the community.
  • The Saluda County Schools Code of Conduct
    The Saluda County Schools Code of Conduct is used to communicate to students, parents, guardians and staff what our expectations are for student behavior. Each item in this code has been carefully chosen to restrict the types of behavior that we believe will interfere with students progressing toward their personal or academic goals.
  • Student Behavior
    Saluda County Schools believes that it is the responsibility of students, parents and staff to see that students attend school and condut themselves in an appropriate manner while there. Discipline is a shared responsibility, and student behavior is important to the entire education process. Without it, teachers cannot teach, and students cannot learn. All students are expected to follow the rules established by the school district and each school. Everyone is entitled to a safe, secure, orderly environment in which to learn and work. The rules and regulations presented in the Code of Conduct are designed toward that end and are effective during the following times and places:
    • On school property;
    • Waiting for the school bus at designated stops;
    • Going to and from school;
    • On a school bus or other school vehicle;
    Participating in or attending school-sponsored or school-related activities, such as field trips, conferences or athletic events.

    Students, parents and staff are encouraged to become familiar with the rules and regulations in the Code of Conduct. If you have any questions, please contact Student Services at 864-445-8441.