Through reciprocal agreements, a student who has been given permission may leave his/her home school district to attend school in another South Carolina district. Permission must be granted by both the sending and receiving districts. To attend the schools of Saluda County, the student must be a resident of the attendance zone. However, a student from an outside district may attend school in Saluda School district by first requesting and receiving the release from the home district and then receiving permission to attend school from the Superintendent of Saluda School District or his designee.

Students who attend the schools of Saluda School District may request a transfer between schools in the district.
Transfer requests are good for the period of one school year and must be renewed prior to the start of each school year. Permission to attend Saluda County Schools may be revoked if a student does not remain in good standing (ie. poor attendance, poor academic performance, substandard behavior).
Affidavits and Proof of Residence

When a parent is referred to the District Office for an affidavit they must satisfy the following:

  • The parent of legal guardian must reside in Saluda County Schools or with someone who resides in the attendance lines of Saluda county Schools.
  • The person that they are residing with must accompany them to the office and bring in three (3) proofs of residency which will include a Property Tax Bill for the permanent residence or a Rental Lease (complete copy listing all occupants) or Real Estate Purchase Contract or current mortgage statement. (Car taxes are not acceptable forms of documentation from the homeowner). They must also present 2 current utility bills such as electric, phone, water or cable bill. The name on the bill must be the same as the person completing the affidavit. A photo ID is required.
  • If the parent is new to Saluda County Schools , they have 30 days to provide three (3) proofs of residence. This may include a A photo ID is required.
  • After all documents have been completed and properly notarized, the parents are then given the original copies of the affidavit and a letter to give to the school for enrollment purposes.
3 types of Affidavits used:
1) Parent Affidavit
2) Resident Affidavit
3) State Affidavit

The affidavit process must be completed annually.
In order for a child to be enrolled in Saluda County Schools, they must reside in the district with a parent or legal/guardian or custody must awarded by the court, Department of Social Services or a retainer from an attorney stating pursuit of guardianship.

All requests should be submitted to Brian T. Chatman, Director of Student Services, 404 North Wise Road, Saluda, SC 29138.