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Safety is our Specialty.  

  • Transportation Coordinator Contact Information
    The Transportation Office is located at the Saluda High School/Middle School complex.

    160 Ivory Key Road, Saluda, SC

    864-445-3011 ext. 503 

  • School Bus Rules
    Guidelines for student conduct on school buses is part of the district's discipline code. The complete discipline code can be found in each student handbook. Click the link above for bus rules.
  • Contact Information for Discipline Concerns
    If you have questions or concerns about student behavior or discipline write-ups, please contact the appropriate school office, as listed below.

    Hollywood Elementary School (Principal's Office) 445-8333

    Saluda Primary School (Principal's Office) 445-2469

    Saluda Elementary School (Principal's Office) 445-2564

    Saluda Middle School (Assistant Principal's Office) 445-3767

    Saluda High School (Office of the Assistant Principal for Discipline) 445-3011

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