Terms of Use

1. Username and password are to be kept confidential.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to protect the security of the login and password. Saluda County School District accepts no responsibility in the event the username and password is shared, given, stolen, or in any way becomes the possession of a person other than the parent/guardian.

  • You can request your password be sent from a hyperlink on the login page. The parent/guardian will need to visit the school office and show a picture ID to receive their access code/password or issues related to access codes.

2. If you have questions concerning your child's posted information, you may take the following steps:

  • Talk to your child to ask him about his grades or attendance.

  • Review the teacher's grading policy. Remember the information on PowerSchool is subject to change and the information posted is not the official Progress Report, Report Card, or Student Transcript.

  • E-mail the teacher with your questions or concerns.

  • Request a meeting with the teacher following the school procedures for arranging meetings.

3. The system will allow one account to access multiple students. In addition, more than one person can set up an account to access each student's information. For example, a mother and a father can have an account and both access their two children's records.

4. PowerSchool Parent Portal is not the official record. Information on the portal may not becomplete or correct at all times and is constantly being updated. For official student records contact your child's teacher.

5. This is a resource for parents, but the types of information provided may change at any time.

6. The school district does not provide technical support for your home/work computer system.

7. The district will monitor parent access to the PowerSchool Portal. The system logs date of login, time accessed, and duration of login (in minutes).


8. Parents/guardians should remember that e-mail and other communications over the internet are not guaranteed to be private and are subject to State and Federal Law.


9. Each teaching Professional may use different assignments and number of assignments to assess student performance. Different subject matter is assessed using different frequency and number of assignments. Do not compare teachers or expect teachers to use the same methods of assessment.

10. Attendance is taken once a day in the elementary schools and each period at the middle and high schools. Attendance is updated as soon as the teacher enters it. If you have a question concerning attendance, please contact the Attendance Office at your child's school.

11. The District is providing this access as a privilege, and the account may be suspended and/or terminated at any time without cause.

12. The District is not liable for any damages to personal equipment or software when connected to the PowerSchool System. The District and its officers, employees, and agents are released from any claims and damages resulting from use of the system.

13. All data are the property of Saluda County School District and is only available to parents and legal guardians of students currently in attendance. The system may be unavailable during summer breaks and during periods of system maintenance.

14. These terms are subject to revision at any time as the system changes or needs require.






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