Do you qualify for a high school diploma, but did not pass the exit exam?

Do you qualify for a high school Diploma, but did not pass the exit exam
If You Did Not Receive a Diploma Because of not Passing the South Carolina Exit Exam, You May be Eligible to Receive a High School Diploma!
Beginning in 1990, all high school graduates were required to pass the South Carolina Exit Exam in order to receive a South Carolina High School Diploma.  Students failing to pass the exit exam received a State Certificate instead of a diploma.   In April of 2014, this law was changed.  If you were a high school student between the years of 1990 and 2014, you earned all of your credits, and did not receive a diploma because of not passing the exit exam, you may be eligible for a high school diploma.
If you believe that you may be eligible for a diploma based on the information above, contact James Crawford, Adult Education Director at 864-445-3346 or Pam Conyers, Saluda High Guidance Secretary at 864-445-3011.
If you qualify, getting your diploma is as easy as taking five minutes to fill out a form to verify your information.
The district deadline to apply for a diploma through this program is November 2, 2015.